Wedding Accessories in Birmingham- Make Your Marriage a Memorable Affair

Your marriage is certainly one of the most memorable affairs of your life and anything that adds fervor to it is loved and welcomed by all. Making a marriage into an extravagant affair starts with jewellery; the wide range of jewellery collectibles and the ever changing needs of women affect the sale of jewellery considerably.

Wedding Rings Birmingham
Since the beginning of the marriage happens to be with a ring, therefore it is believed that a ring is the most important part of a jewellery item and requires a lot of attention both from the wearer and the one who’s choosing it. Rings are available in a variety of designs and each design has something new and elegant to display for all women. The most common chosen material for ring is either gold or silver.

Wedding Accessories Birmingham
Gold wedding rings have become the trend and these rings mark the status symbol, while even the idea of silver rings isn’t really denied. If you’re fond of rings and have an understanding of choosing them, then you can choose between either gold or silver wedding rings.

The best quality and range of Wedding Rings in Birmingham is available at the Quarter Square and it has a huge collection of the best in class rings; it displays the rings that are high in quality and extremely amazing in the patterns. Look into the quality of each ring before you buy it.

The best quality and range of Wedding Rings in Birmingham is available at the Quarter Square and it has a huge collection of the best in class rings; it displays the rings that are high in quality and extremely amazing in the patterns. Look into the quality of each ring before you buy it.

Here’s what you need to check before buying a ring for your wedding day:- Material of the Ring: A wedding ring is available in both gold and silver, but you have to select the metal of your choice to make sure that the ring adds a special element of passion and love to your wedding.

Choose an Exclusive Design:– Since your wedding is a onetime affair and because you want it to be a memorable one, therefore it is important that you pick the right design, something that looks both traditional and classy.

Select a Gemstone if you want to buy a gemstone studded ring:- Gemstones add a special look to the ring and buying gemstone studded ring makes the lady’s hands look amazing. However, when you’re choosing a gemstone studded ring make sure you are never cheated on during the selection of the gemstone.

Be Selective and Careful with Budget:- Since you never want to exceed your selected budget, therefore it is important that you choose a ring that fits your budget.

Log on to Birmingham Jewellery Quarter  for more details on wedding rings in Birmingham.

Discovering the Beauty of Jewellery in Birmingham

One of the top destinations for jewellery lovers is none other than the beautiful city of Birmingham, a metropolitan borough in the West Midlands, England. The beauty of the city is definitely amazing but there’s another thing that makes it prettier-

The Awe Inspiring Jewellery Collection

Birmingham’s jewellery and the dedicated jewellery stores is an asset here and an amazing collection is revealed at every store. The spark and the shine in each jewellery item is evidence that great effort has been put in the process of making some most amazing pieces. The flawless making coupled with a flawless presentation increase the sale of Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham several folds and you will see most of the city’s people adorned in exclusive jewellery items.

Shopping jewellery from the stores of Birmingham doesn’t need an occasion, because every item here is itself a reason for you to celebrate. A popular destination for women Birmingham has become a renowned city and its collectibles are indeed a very pleasant surprise for all. Having the most number of jewellery associated stores it would not be wrong to state that Birmingham is a capital for fashion jewelry.

 “Jewellery is Mesmerizing! Jewellery is a woman’s first love and nothing can replicate or replace this overwhelming love!”

Of course, The Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham takes this love one step ahead by displaying an array the most exquisite and exclusive jewelry items for all who visit the city. The awe inspiring collection and the ever lovely looks of a woman complement each other and make the Perfect Match!

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The Ashes 2015- A Historical Cricket Win for England at Edgbaston Cricket Ground

The 2015 Ashes series is the test cricket match series being played between England and Australia. In 2015 Ashes series, 3 test matches has been played between England and Australia. And now, England leads the series with 2-1 in front of joyful edgbaston crowd.

The biggest Test Match Series in the world is returning to Birmingham after the England and Wales Cricket Board announced that Edgbaston Stadium would stage England vs. Australia in the Third Ashes Test Match.


The venue also known as Edgbaston Cricket Ground –The appearance on this ground was more than 100,000 over the five days of play from Wednesday, July 29, to Sunday, August 2, 2015.

What you know about this ground? Let’s discuss something more about Edgbaston cricket ground.

History of Edgbaston Cricket Ground:

Edgbaston cricket ground

Edgbaston Cricket Ground, a cricket ground exists in the Edgbaston area of Birmingham. This ground also known as the “Country Ground” or “Edgbaston Stadium”. It is a home to Warwickshire Country Cricket Club and is also used for test matches, one day internationals and Twenty20 internationals. With almost permanent seating for 25,000 spectators, Edgbaston is the second largest cricketing venue in the United Kingdom, after “Lord’s Cricket Ground” in London.

Situated in the country suburb of Birmingham, it was established in 1882. It was the youngest of England’s six regular test grounds, until Chester-le-street was inaugurated in 2003.

Edgbaston made its debut in 1902, when England and Australia played a test from May 29-31 and an ODI between the same teams on August 28, 1972. With a crowd capacity of 21,000, it was voted ideal for One-dayer’s as well. It hosted just four Tests in its first 27 years, but upon re-entering the circuit in 1957, it was considered to be the most state-of-the-art ground in the country, with the Thwaite Memorial Scoreboard, constructed in 1950, among the most notable features.

A new phase of renovation got underway at the end of the 1990s, which, partially funded by lottery money, resulted in the Edgbaston Cricket Centre and the £2million Eric Hollies stand. The ground was the scene of Brian Lara’s world-record 501 not out, against Durham in 1994, and in 1999, played host to perhaps the single greatest one-day match in history – the tied World Cup semi-final between Australia and South Africa in 1999.

Birmingham- a city of culture


As already said that Edgbaston ground is situated in Edgbaston, an area in city of Birmingham. Birmingham is a metropolitan borough in the west midlands, England. So, if you are coming to enjoy this test series. Birmingham is an amazing city, and there are probably a few interesting and quirky facts here that you never knew about. Some of them are as follows:

1. Birmingham is much, much older than you think.
2. Audio sampling started in Birmingham.
3. Birmingham takes St Patrick’s Day very seriously indeed.
4. The Football League started here.
5. Lord of the Rings is basically set here
6. Every area has its own tribe
7. We are a celebrity factory!
8. There are many religions here, but we all worship food
9. Thomas the Tank Engine isn’t from Sodor – he’s a Brummie.
10. It’s a paradise for arty types


Except all these, Birmingham is also known for the world’s most highly goldsmiths and jewellery makers. The “Jewellery Quarter” area of Birmingham has a prestigious background with a history spanning over 250 years. It is also known as Europe’s largest concentration of businesses involved in the jewellery trade, which produces 40% of all the jewellery made in the UK.

So, if you are in Birmingham for Ashes Series 2015 or planning to visit, then don’t miss these places of Birmingham. We guarantee that you will return home with the unforgettable lifetime memories and experience a new world on earth.

The Regeneration of The Quarter

Birmingham has finally woken up to realise its true gem, the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter.

Millions of pounds have been pouring into the area through top class builders creating some much needed affordable housing, new designers breathing life into jewellery manufacturing and retail outlets like Marlows offering top class Bond street diamond jewellery at realistic prices to the hard working public. No longer is the status of the Quarter stuck to factory outlets and manufacturing jewellers only. These factories and manufacturers have created some of the best retail outlets offering some of the best value jewellery in the UK and Europe.

Diamonds, precious stones, gold and precious metals being a commodity, retail prices are mostly dependant on overheads, and while comparing London and Birmingham overheads, it seems plausible that Birmingham, being the closest large city to London can offer the same commodity as London at up to half the price. The high speed rail link coming into play by 2026 will further boost Birmingham as a major player in the UK with job creation, affordable housing structures, and day trippers from London and the home counties looking for bargains!!

Companies like Mitchell & Co are offering bespoke items to the public at affordable prices and friendly wedding ring companies like Neweys supply affordable items to all.

This considering, the Birmingham Council in association with the Jewellery Quarter Regeneration Partnership is creating a completely new ambience around the Clock Tower so visitors feel they are in a friendly, tranquil, safe and secure environment while shopping for precious items. The project is spearheaded by some well-known jewellers of the area including one of the most famous auction houses in Birmingham and the UK, Fellows & Co. and top class watch and jewellery companies like SP Green.

The partnership between local government and local businesses, involved in the project will ultimately bring more and more visitors to the Quarter from all parts of the UK, Europe and the world for relaxing, shopping and enjoying a friendly chat with people without feeling daunted or pressurised into buying things that they don’t really need. In an era where prudence is the keyword before spending, the Jewellery Quarter will bring extremely good value for the spending public as far as jewellery shopping goes amid a relaxed atmosphere. A visit becomes financially very attractive now.


The Clock Tower Location



Regeneration Partnership Ongoing Works

Full Lace Front Wigs

Tips About How To Buying Full Lace Wigs

If all the layers are not equal then it would certainly make it appear messy and rough. If you or someone you love, has recently gone through medical hair-loss and wish to receive the gift of a free handmade wig, please submit an application by November 15. We have 5 pink wigs to give in honor and celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but we are always accepting applications from people in need.

Kudos to Lady Gaga for realizing that she has a problem and taking measures to combat it. She also makes the best of the situation by wearing outrageous hats and fantastic wigs that are far more theatrical than her real hair could ever be.

Maybe Lady Gaga will take this opportunity to educate other young women about hair loss and what can be done to prevent and treat it. She could also get involved by creating a line of wigs for fans who are suffering from the same condition.

Real Feather Extensions 2015

This bit required the women to float above the crowd and then land to dance to their ‘˜Pot Ledom’ song. I think the concept was strong but unlike the advice of Coco Channel about always taking one thing off before leaving your home; there was just too much of too much. Nix the masks and the swimming and keep the areal and the concept of emerging goddesses.

This marks the end of this cycle’s blog series. I don’t ever want to say never, but I think I have said all that I can say in response to everything ‘˜Top Model’. Obviously the show could be termed as a guilty pleasure for me, but in many ways it is more than that. Along with the lowbrow elements of the program, I have had many intellectual cultural anthropological based conversations because of it. At the heart of the show is the celebration of feminine beauty and the power (along with the ability to profit) that beauty gives to young women. On the whole ‘˜modeling’ is the exploitation of that beauty to sell products (sex sells).

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10 Over The Top Engagement Photos

When announcing some of the happiest news you’ll get to deliver in your adult life why not do it in the most over the top and ridiculous manner? These people certainly did, and then decided to take a load of professionally made photos in the process. Who knows why you would want to do this, one can only assume it’s a glossier way of boasting to all of your intimate friends.

1. Pre-historic Wonderland

Forever solving the argument of ‘how did the dinosaurs die out’ (they were turned into children’s play equipment) this couple decided to share their announcement in the most absurd way possible. You can only hope this was in a park near their house or that is one hell of an odd location scout.



2. Sitting Awkward

In order to show this couple’s awkwardness they decided to sit really far apart and in really unnatural positions. What part of their relationship this is meant to show isn’t clear, however it does show off the soon-to-be groom’s excellent posture. Maybe that’s why they fell in love.



3. Bigger is Better

The sheer volume of your love could fill a vast amount of space! Which is exactly what this couple were trying to convey in their turbine-hall-esque far shot engagement photo.



4. Pets and Signs

Rope in a confused pet and some signage when announcing your engagement. Not only does it show off your impressive sign-balancing skills it also shows off your budding family. Yes, the pet may be regretting letting you adopt him but on the plus side he looks really cute.



5. Subliminal Humour

Perhaps in an unfortunate turn of events this couple didn’t see the message plastered between them on the garbage cans they were posing on, for some reason. Whether its the conflicting message or the ridiculous poses the couple are standing in this picture definitely qualifies as Over The Top.



6. Run Through a Field of Love

Nothing says lasting love like skipping through a field of joy, holding hands with your beloved. This couple may have been inspired by The Sound of Music or they may have been mid fall, who knows, what is important is they decided to show their engagement by taking a series of over the top photos.



7. Star Crossed Lovers

When you find that special someone and they just so happen to like cosplay just as much as you do announce it to the world by doing a Star Wars themed Engagement shoot. This couple shot the photos in the Santa Cruz mountains, where bikers kept passing them. People kept commenting on how great the couple was. Let your freak flag fly with an awesomely themed Star Wars Engagement announcement.



8. Take a trip down the rabbit hole

If you feel as if your wedding plans are spiralling out of control then regain the balance by taking your engagement photos in the imagined world of Alice in Wonderland. The over the top costumes and wonderfully imagined set make for a truly unique announcement, all the while reliving one of your favourite books from childhood.



9. Slam Dunk

If fantasy and role-playing isn’t your thing then take to the courts. This couple both had a passion for basketball and decided to announce their engagement…on a basketball. Some would question the romance of this, however, the couple did go all out and bought custom printed jerseys and they also bought new pairs of Jordans. Definitely over the top.



10. Zombie Invasion

Perhaps the most survivalistic of the list is this engagement announcement made with a Zombie theme. Yes, you heard, a zombie theme. Shout your love from the rooftops to all your friends, whilst fighting off a hoard of the undead. You may enjoy zombie films, but is your engagement the time to share this with everyone? Apparently so.



Christmas Family Gift Ideas

If you are struggling to know what to ask for as a Christmas present this year, a quick visit to the jewellery quarter Birmingham may help to do the trick. Enter a magical world of sparkles, bling, and good old fashioned quality. There are pieces of jewellery that can be found in the quarter which cannot be purchased anywhere else in the world. With so much choice on offer, there is bound to be something that takes your fancy in jewellery shops in Birmingham. No matter how much of a digital age that we might be living in, there is no substitute for top class customer service.

When it comes to choosing items of jewellery such as necklaces or bracelets, it often helps to be able to try a piece on before committing to buy it. That is why paying a visit to our friendly jewellers is such a good idea. You will never feel rushed or pressurised into buying a product and it is important for us that you find the right product for you.  However, once you have sorted out the Christmas presents for yourself, there may be a struggle to think of ideas for the rest of the family. That’s why we’ve put together a quick list of gift ideas for the other people that you have to buy for.


Always a difficult decision because most men have a tendency to buy whatever they want when they first want it! However, there is nothing like a quality watch to show how much you value a relationship. If the man in your life isn’t a big fan of jewellery, it may be worth thinking outside of the box. A whole host of new video games are released before Christmas and if your fellow is a gamer he may well enjoy the latest title. Any money that you save on buying the game can be used to treat yourself to some nice jewellery instead!

Aunts and Uncles

Aunts and Uncles are often difficult to buy for because they are unlikely to ask for anything specific. Of course, you can always go down the traditional flowers and chocolates route, but that seems to lack a bit of thought and effort. If you have the time however, you could always make up a personalised hamper of their favourite foods and drinks. Consumables such as fruit ciders and homemade chocolate cakes will always be gratefully received.

Nephews and Nieces

If you are lucky enough to have young nephews and nieces, there are various options available. Keepsake jewellery items always go down well with girls, and boys love to get cufflinks so that they can feel grown up like their dads. However, if you want to get something slightly more fun, do a bit of research on the Internet to find out what the latest kids’ crazes are. It may well be worth having a quick word with their parents to ensure no doubling up of presents beforehand or there could be tears!

Christmas Shopping

Christmas is just weeks away but there is no need to panic about finding the perfect presents yet. What is more, if you don’t fancy going out into the cold and wet weather and braving the maddening crowds to find your gifts you don’t have to! The rise of the Internet means that it is now possible to browse through beautiful jewellers online and from the comfort of your own home. After a long hard day at work there are few things as enticing as curling up in front of the fire with a nice cup of tea.

Why don’t you relax this year and choose most of your Christmas shopping on your laptop. If you have any questions, it is always possible to contact staff by telephone or email. Alternatively, pop into the jewellery quarter Birmingham and see some of the stunning items on offer in the flesh. Choosing a present for the special someone in your life can be a difficult task. After all, there is a fair amount of pressure to ensure that you don’t buy something which they won’t like. In case you are struggling for some inspiration this year, here are a few gift ideas which should always go down a treat.


Earrings can transform a look in an instant. There is nothing like a quality pair of sparkling earrings to brighten up a lady’s face. Whilst it is true that most women have their own personal preferences when it comes to styles of earrings, it is not too difficult to find out what that style may be. Keep an eye out and notice what the lady in question normally wears. A pair of stylish yet discreet studs may indicate that a huge pair of looping earrings may not be the right choice and vice versa. One of the best things about earrings when it comes to Christmas time is the fact that they are very light to send through the post. The postal service deals with millions of parcels sent at home and abroad every day during Christmas, so sending a pair of earrings to your sister in America should not cost the earth.


Many women don’t think of buying necklaces for themselves, which is why receiving one at Christmas can be such a real treat. Jewellery shops in Birmingham are a great place to start looking for pieces which will catch the eye. Talk to a jeweller and get some expert advice about the different styles and lengths available.


If you are looking for something really special, a diamond ring will always impress the lady in your life. One of the problems in buying a ring for somebody else is that you won’t necessarily know what their ring size is. Overcome this problem by sneakily borrowing a ring that your loved one already owns. Get it checked out by a jeweller and they will be able to tell you the size of the ring that you should ideally manage to buy.

Questions to ask yourself before you look for a watch

The idea of finding a watch seems, at first, like a fairly straightforward one. You look, you see which ones you like the most and you buy it. But once you get to the shop you will quickly find that watches are like children, they look the same from afar but up close you realise they’re all very different.

Why are you buying a watch?

Seems like a silly question but it’s actually pretty crucial. Are you buying it for yourself or someone else? How much will you wear it? A watch can be a true investment in personal style and if you go for high quality, you could have it for the rest of your life. Watches aren’t usually changed depending on the event like many jewellery items; they become a part of your ensemble and your life.

If you’re looking for a watch that can keep up with an active and sporting lifestyle then you’ll be looking for a different watch than someone who’s looking for pure luxury. Once you work out why you want it then you’ll be in a better position to start looking.

Style over fashion

Chances are, you’ll have this watch for a long time and during the lifetime of the average timepiece fashions will come and go. Choose a watch that has a timeless style about it rather than an obvious and ephemeral fashion. Bright colours may look great at the beach bar, but they’re probably not going to cut it in a business meeting. So go for more muted and stylish shades if you want a watch that will serve you just as well at work.

Functional style

A sport watch can usually be fairly smart and chronograph watches are useful for a myriad of things, so combining functionality and style has never been easier. Generally, find a watch that suits the office and the court but if you’re a real sports junkie then consider a classic, elegant watch for the office and normal wear and a separate sports watch.

Men’s and women’s watches

Men’s watches tend to be larger than women’s, and are usually more muted colours. Women’s watches are frequently available in a larger selection of colours, including different hues of classic metals such as rose gold.

There are a myriad of differences and it’s unusual to find large ranges of unsex watches. Frequently though, if you are looking for watches as a couple, you will be able to see a good range of his and hers watches in the same style but with subtle feminine or masculine flairs.

Delve into the Jewellery Quarter

A watch is something you will cherish and keep for years, potentially decades and so just going into one shop may not be enough. Exploring the famous Birmingham jewellery quarter will allow you to explore a vast range of watches and shop around without having to traipse from one end of the city to the other. With many jewellery shops offering watches and several dedicated watch companies, the jewellery quarter is the best place to get a large choice and expert advice and guidance when browsing.

With complex and intricate designs combined with modern technology, it’s important to understand the capabilities of a watch before you buy it and not to just judge it by its looks. Always ask as many questions as you like and the staff will be more than happy to oblige; they understand that it’s a serious, long term purchase.

The Jewellery Quarter set to sparkle even more

We all know that Birmingham’s iconic Jewellery Quarter is a mecca for tourists and jewellery lovers alike, but with a host of new developments it’s set to sparkle even more. The area is vital to Birmingham’s tourist industry whilst its continual development is central to the city’s regeneration plans, so just what can we look forward to?

The Hampton by Hilton Hotel

This beautiful £6.4million hotel was completed earlier this year, and it’s a shining example of sympathetic restoration combined with modern luxury. The hotel is situated on the site of a former textile factory and has actually kept a lot of the listed façade intact, ensuring the building is in-keeping with the rest of the area and retaining a bit of character too. That’s not to say guests won’t get the height of luxury – the 109-bedroom hotel is spread across five floors and boasts exceptional facilities including a 24-hour bar, restaurant and fitness centre, and it’s in a truly enviable location too.

A coffin factory becomes a museum

The keys to a former coffin factory were recently handed over to Birmingham Conservation Trust to be turned into a museum, breathing new life into this historic building and being a great tourist attraction too. The Newman Brothers Coffin Fitting Works was in operation for over 100 years, first coming into being when Queen Victoria was on the throne and finally closing in 1999, and the museum will give visitors the chance to step back in time. They’ll see how it was in its heyday, with machinery, coffin handles, shrouds, metal plates and linings all being on display, and it means this Grade II listed building can be properly restored to its former glory.

From Birmingham Mint to luxury flats

The historic Birmingham Mint is set to become home to luxury flats, and work is finally getting underway after plans stalled four years ago. The building was constructed in 1860 and continued to mint coins until a mere ten years ago, and at one time it was even the largest independent mint in the world – it’s a building with a pedigree, and luckily the developers are going to retain the beautiful façade to keep its Italianate style intact. This grand Grade II listed building will be transformed into six flats above offices, and although building work hasn’t yet begun (at the time of writing) we can’t wait to see the results.

Experience the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham

This historic area is transforming into a thriving urban village in its own right, and it’s no wonder it’s so popular with tourists and locals alike. Of course, all these new developments don’t detract from its heart – the Quarter is and always has been known for its jewellery, boasting some of the finest jewellers in Birmingham and the UK as a whole, and that’s set to continue. These regeneration projects will only add to the area, so if you’re looking for a new tourist destination or want to get your hands on some exquisite jewellery, make sure to head to the Quarter and experience this iconic part of Birmingham for yourself.