The Regeneration of The Quarter

Birmingham has finally woken up to realise its true gem, the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter.

Millions of pounds have been pouring into the area through top class builders creating some much needed affordable housing, new designers breathing life into jewellery manufacturing and retail outlets like Marlows offering top class Bond street diamond jewellery at realistic prices to the hard working public. No longer is the status of the Quarter stuck to factory outlets and manufacturing jewellers only. These factories and manufacturers have created some of the best retail outlets offering some of the best value jewellery in the UK and Europe.

Diamonds, precious stones, gold and precious metals being a commodity, retail prices are mostly dependant on overheads, and while comparing London and Birmingham overheads, it seems plausible that Birmingham, being the closest large city to London can offer the same commodity as London at up to half the price. The high speed rail link coming into play by 2026 will further boost Birmingham as a major player in the UK with job creation, affordable housing structures, and day trippers from London and the home counties looking for bargains!!

Companies like Mitchell & Co are offering bespoke items to the public at affordable prices and friendly wedding ring companies like Neweys supply affordable items to all.

This considering, the Birmingham Council in association with the Jewellery Quarter Regeneration Partnership is creating a completely new ambience around the Clock Tower so visitors feel they are in a friendly, tranquil, safe and secure environment while shopping for precious items. The project is spearheaded by some well-known jewellers of the area including one of the most famous auction houses in Birmingham and the UK, Fellows & Co. and top class watch and jewellery companies like SP Green.

The partnership between local government and local businesses, involved in the project will ultimately bring more and more visitors to the Quarter from all parts of the UK, Europe and the world for relaxing, shopping and enjoying a friendly chat with people without feeling daunted or pressurised into buying things that they don’t really need. In an era where prudence is the keyword before spending, the Jewellery Quarter will bring extremely good value for the spending public as far as jewellery shopping goes amid a relaxed atmosphere. A visit becomes financially very attractive now.


The Clock Tower Location



Regeneration Partnership Ongoing Works