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If all the layers are not equal then it would certainly make it appear messy and rough. If you or someone you love, has recently gone through medical hair-loss and wish to receive the gift of a free handmade wig, please submit an application by November 15. We have 5 pink wigs to give in honor and celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but we are always accepting applications from people in need.

Kudos to Lady Gaga for realizing that she has a problem and taking measures to combat it. She also makes the best of the situation by wearing outrageous hats and fantastic wigs that are far more theatrical than her real hair could ever be.

Maybe Lady Gaga will take this opportunity to educate other young women about hair loss and what can be done to prevent and treat it. She could also get involved by creating a line of wigs for fans who are suffering from the same condition.

Real Feather Extensions 2015

This bit required the women to float above the crowd and then land to dance to their ‘˜Pot Ledom’ song. I think the concept was strong but unlike the advice of Coco Channel about always taking one thing off before leaving your home; there was just too much of too much. Nix the masks and the swimming and keep the areal and the concept of emerging goddesses.

This marks the end of this cycle’s blog series. I don’t ever want to say never, but I think I have said all that I can say in response to everything ‘˜Top Model’. http://www.alicewigs.com/mens-kids-wigs.html Obviously the show could be termed as a guilty pleasure for me, but in many ways it is more than that. Along with the lowbrow elements of the program, I have had many intellectual cultural anthropological based conversations because of it. At the heart of the show is the celebration of feminine beauty and the power (along with the ability to profit) that beauty gives to young women. On the whole ‘˜modeling’ is the exploitation of that beauty to sell products (sex sells).

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