A Must Read Before Beginning Wedding Shopping

Wedding Bells? Read this Before You Go Jewellery Shopping

Ever since a girl turns a teenager, she keeps romanticizing about her D-day, imagines to make it the most wonderful day of her life and what forms the most important part of her this endeavor is… her wedding look. And thinking of wedding look makes her think of wedding jewellery. Yes! Girls don’t want to go wrong with their jewellery and specially when it’s to be worn on the most special day of their life. Jewellery could either enhance their look or could do just the opposite. While there are many girls who see jewellery as just an ornament that adorns them, others are aware of what each piece symbioses and its importance. Both, the east as well as the west sides of the world have their own sentiments attached to the wedding jewellery, for them it is much more than something that sparkles and shines. And the best example of this is south Asia, where the bridal jewellery is incomplete without sixteen adornments. Yes! There are sixteen adornments and each of which holds its own importance, can you imagine!!! Well, not lagging behind is the west, where wedding is incomplete without wedding ring, which symbolic love and fidelity of the giver. For the westerners, the jewellery may also be a keepsake from the female ancestors who are no more or want to pass on the ornament as their legacy. All in all, jewellery has its own importance for the bride, be it something that beautifies her look, a souvenir from some elder or a symbol of something.

If you are also soon-to-be- bride who doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned in looking the best for your big day, you can read the article to get an idea about what piece of jewellery to select and how.

  • Ring– The most important point to be kept in mind before buying the engagement ring is the shape of the finger. For example, if your finger is short and chubby then you should select a pear shape as it will make your finger look longer, other than this you can also opt for marquise. And don’t worry if have long and thin fingers, round, cushion or emerald-cut will look good on them.

And as far as the design is concerned, some like modern designs, others favor vintage look. So, go to the store today, see what you like and choose according to the shape of your finger. Simple! Isn’t it?

  • Earrings – They are the bridal accessory you can’t afford to ignore as they can completely change the look of your face. It can brighten the face and make you look the prettiest bride ever, so… choose them wisely. You have the option of selecting from a wide range so don’t get confused, look for yourself whether it’s drop earrings, Chandelier, dangle, ear string earrings or hoop earrings that suit you. Also, keep in mind the hairstyle, because earrings should be in accordance with the hairstyle made.
  • Necklaces – You should have the right kind of necklace to compliment your bridal ‘Dress to impress. Keeping the metal of the ring’s band in coordination with the metal of the necklace will put a life in your look so, if you go for platinum band for your ring, make sure that your necklace is also of platinum.

These tips could only help you a little bit, because it’s you who has imagined her bridal day look and could make the decision. So, go to the store but… hang on. Let your partner also read these tips, maybe he could also help you out based on your choice and the tips above. And once he is done reading, take him along to shop for your special day. Happy shopping!