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No Mandrel Set or Plastic Ring Sizer for Measuring your Ring Size

Why depend on the mandrel set and plastic ring sizer when you can try printable ring sizer or the string test to measure the ring size using the ring sizing chart shown below:

Yes! This chart will let you know your ring size without having to spend on mandrel set or ring sizer. How, you ask? Well, we have mentioned the names of the methods above and to practically implement them, read further.

Printable ring sizer:

This method requires you to know the diameter measurement of a ring that fits the fourth finger of the left hand.

  1. The very first step that you need to take is… get the ring size chart printed.
  2. When you have the chart with you, place your ring over the circle that you think is close enough to the size of your ring. You will get the size that matches the size of the ring and in case the size of the ring falls between two sizes, go for the larger one.

String ring sizer:

Like the previous method, in this method too you require a printed copy of the ring size chart given, and besides that, a plain piece of string.

  1. Take a piece of string and wrap it around your ring finger till the point it overlaps the string, and when it does, cut it at that point.
  2. Now, take this piece of string and line it with the ring size guide as given on the chart. The size on the sheet that matches the size of your string is your ring size. Again, if the size of the ring lies between two sizes, it’s better to go for the larger ring size.

Stating these two methods, we would also like to tell you that printable ring sizer is not a professional measurement and accuracy discrepancies may occur owing to various reasons, printer settings and stretch of the string being two of them. So, it’s better to consult a professional jeweller if you have doubts.

Well, this was just an idea that could help you get your ring size but we have also listed down some easy-peasy ring sizing tips, so go ahead, read and try it:

  • Choose snug fit – The size of the ring should be such that it should ‘slip in easily, come off hard’. If you follow this rule, you are less likely to lose it owing to the fitting.
  • Seasons affect your ring size – It might be surprising for many of you, but it is a fact that your fingers change their size all the year round. Yes! They do and specially during summers and winters. While they swell up in summers, they come back to what can be called as the original size, in winters.
  • Choose a size larger – Some may discover two different finger measurements or may notice how the same ring fits differently from time to time, if this is the case, go for the size that’s a bit larger or go for professional measurements. But remember, the size has to be only ‘Bit’ larger and not more.

We have only told you about the ring size in this blog, you still need to figure out what style you want to go for. If you have the ring of your choice in your mind, you can simply explore our website and approach the jeweller whose collection you like. If you are not sure of the ring type/style, then also our jewellers’ collection is likely to impress you. So, in the end, we would only like to say, Happy shopping!

On the Street of Birmingham for Famous Classic Diamonds

When you walk down to the streets of Birmingham for Famous Classic Diamonds you’ll find an impeccable place named as ‘The Jewellery Quarter’. With a prestigious background, this place has something special for you. Here you will be able to find everything you could wish for ranging from Diamond Engagement Rings to Wedding Rings Birmingham. Each jewellery piece designed here is exclusive, unique and the quality craftsmanship speaks for itself.

The Jewellery Quarter Birmingham

This area has long been home to some of the most highly skilled jewellery makers and goldsmiths. It rapidly expanded during the 19th-century when a taste for fashionable jewellery really took off. The most influential and famous Birmingham Diamond District is a must-visit for anyone that wants to see top UK Jewellers in all their glory.

Jewellery can definitely be the most prominent gift ever. Regardless of the changing trends in fashion, the jewellery collection in Birmingham will always remain timeless. The exquisite jewels: sparkling diamonds, rubies, emerald, sapphires and other gemstones crafted by top Jewellers in Birmingham will instantly catch your attention. If you want to own bespoke engagement ring that can make your proposal truly memorable, this area has an amazing range to offer. You can browse through over 100 specialist retailers to find that perfect present or that special treat for yourself.

Everything is a celebration here at The Jewellery Quarter. This historic part of the city is an attraction in its own right and with a wealth of things to see and do it deserves to be explored. You will find a great choice of some of Birmingham’s best Art Galleries, Museums, Restaurants and Bars. The iconic museums are a real treasure located in an old jewellery factory. To get a real feel for the area, make sure to visit the art and building trails. A visit to the cafes, Restaurants and Bars can be a delightful experience. For the exuberant jewellery collection in Birmingham, make sure to spend time browsing through 100’s of top retailers available here.

To know more about The Jewellery Quarter, kindly log on to

Wedding Accessories in Birmingham- Make Your Marriage a Memorable Affair

Your marriage is certainly one of the most memorable affairs of your life and anything that adds fervor to it is loved and welcomed by all. Making a marriage into an extravagant affair starts with jewellery; the wide range of jewellery collectibles and the ever changing needs of women affect the sale of jewellery considerably.

Wedding Rings Birmingham
Since the beginning of the marriage happens to be with a ring, therefore it is believed that a ring is the most important part of a jewellery item and requires a lot of attention both from the wearer and the one who’s choosing it. Rings are available in a variety of designs and each design has something new and elegant to display for all women. The most common chosen material for ring is either gold or silver.

Wedding Accessories Birmingham
Gold wedding rings have become the trend and these rings mark the status symbol, while even the idea of silver rings isn’t really denied. If you’re fond of rings and have an understanding of choosing them, then you can choose between either gold or silver wedding rings.

The best quality and range of Wedding Rings in Birmingham is available at the Quarter Square and it has a huge collection of the best in class rings; it displays the rings that are high in quality and extremely amazing in the patterns. Look into the quality of each ring before you buy it.

The best quality and range of Wedding Rings in Birmingham is available at the Quarter Square and it has a huge collection of the best in class rings; it displays the rings that are high in quality and extremely amazing in the patterns. Look into the quality of each ring before you buy it.

Here’s what you need to check before buying a ring for your wedding day:- Material of the Ring: A wedding ring is available in both gold and silver, but you have to select the metal of your choice to make sure that the ring adds a special element of passion and love to your wedding.

Choose an Exclusive Design:– Since your wedding is a onetime affair and because you want it to be a memorable one, therefore it is important that you pick the right design, something that looks both traditional and classy.

Select a Gemstone if you want to buy a gemstone studded ring:- Gemstones add a special look to the ring and buying gemstone studded ring makes the lady’s hands look amazing. However, when you’re choosing a gemstone studded ring make sure you are never cheated on during the selection of the gemstone.

Be Selective and Careful with Budget:- Since you never want to exceed your selected budget, therefore it is important that you choose a ring that fits your budget.

Log on to Birmingham Jewellery Quarter  for more details on wedding rings in Birmingham.

Head to the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter before your Big Day

Arranging your wedding can be quite a challenge. There are so many details to organise and it seems like more and more people are turning to specialist planners to help them out.

However, there’s one aspect of your nuptial preparations that you really have to do yourself because it’s so personal and that’s choose your wedding ring. By heading to the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter with your other half, you can take your pick from a superb range of items and you shouldn’t struggle to find something that suits your tastes and budget perfectly.

Minimising stress

According to a report in the Southern Reporter, brides-to-be are increasingly turning to wedding planners ahead of their nuptial celebrations. It stated: “If you’re finding it hard to choose the details of the style you would like or are simply frozen and stupefied by the endless possibilities, a planner can guide you through the madness.”

The news source went on to remark: “The right person will be at the end of the phone whenever you start to wobble over decisions, providing plenty of inspiration. A good planner will also be a sounding board for any ideas or concerns you have.”

Perfect for worriers

According to the publication, getting specialists like this on board is ideal for those who have a tendency to worry. It suggested the help these people provide can be a “real stress buster”.

Meanwhile, getting planners involved can also be great if people have demanding jobs, children to look after or are studying for exams, it pointed out.

Diamond jewellery you’ll cherish forever

When it comes to the wedding bands you and your partner will wear however, it’s a good idea to take control of the reins and make the decisions yourselves. After all, items like this are extremely personal and it’s only by leading the selection process that you’re guaranteed the perfect results.

This is why it can make sense to head to jewellers and peruse the options open to you. As long as you select retailers that can offer the necessary variety and quality, it shouldn’t take long to find just what you’re after.

Why it makes sense to use jewellers in Birmingham

Of course, there are jewellery retailers across the UK, but if you’re after the widest selection and very best items around, it really does pay off to head to Birmingham. The city is the epicentre of the nation’s jewellery industry and is the ideal place to shop for beautiful diamonds rings and other similar items.

You can be confident that you’ll see plenty of gleaming creations that catch your eye.

Lots to see and do

As well as finding gorgeous wedding bands, you can have a great day out or even indulge in a mini-break in this part of Birmingham. There are plenty of art galleries, museums, restaurants and bars for you and your spouse-to-be to explore.

To find out more about this fantastic area and the delights it may have in store for you, just take a look around the rest of our website.

U.K Couples Invest in Diamonds

Nuptial jewellery has a long tradition, and the engagement ring is certainly thought of as an eminent item of part of it. The Birmingham Jewellery Quarter is packed with superbly gifted craftsman and jewellers.  In fact, Birmingham jewellers still make an estimated 40% of the U.K’s native high end jewellery.
A delightful side to the community of the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter is that our jewellers are able to chatter about all the latest trends and industry developments. Recently, more couples than ever have made it clear that their budgets won’t be going on smaller diamonds in favour of a big wedding, but will be used as investments in something stunning and valuable.
Modern marrying couples are older than ever. The average marriage ages for men and women respectively are now thirty-six and thirty-three. These are people with disposable incomes and a decent wage coming into the household. Many of them will have lived together before marriage and perhaps bought their home. They’re not the poor, struggling young people newly engaged couples once were (both men and women were in their early twenties when they married back in the 1950s) and are therefore electing to put their money where their engagement rings are!
Diamonds make one of the safest investments in the world, so it makes perfect sense that marrying couples are electing to seal their love with a sound investment; after all, they’ve already got the house, the cat and the joint pension!

A Very Long Engagement?

It seems that after falling out of favour with Brits, marriage is becoming a more popular step for many couples, and that means a visit to our Birmingham jewellery quarter shop for some glorious diamonds!

But according to a poll by, couples are actually making it down the aisle faster each year. In the past five years the average length of an engagement has gone from eighteen to fifteen months. We meet lots of lovely prenuptial couples (and a fair few nervous pre-proposing other halves!) visiting our exceptional U.K jewellers in search of engagement rings, so we asked some of them a few questions about when they intended to actually marry.

Most said their idea of the Big White Wedding had fallen by the wayside in favour of smaller, more intimate wedding celebrations, often abroad. But this shift in matrimonial trends isn’t getting marrying couples down; they’re happily planning celebrations around their unique take on what makes a superb day (or a week in the sun!) Marrying abroad or on a smaller scale can be organised far quicker, so couples are making it down the aisle an average of three months earlier!

Jewellers are fantastic places to learn all the latest trends and wedding industry chatter. Our shop is certainly no exception; we believe in a professional, personable approach to helping our clients choose from our nuptial jewellery collection. If that means having a good chatter about wedding plans over a coffee or champagne then so be it!

Every bride should come to Birmingham

The very best place to go when planning your big day is the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. You might not be able to get absolutely everything you need here but for the really important things, it’s the only destination you need to consider. The jewellery shops, dressmakers, and even the florists of the Quarter are all ready to help create the perfect wedding.

Let’s start with the rings, a wedding dress will only be worn once but a ring might be worn every day for 50 or 60 years, or even longer. It is the greatest gift most of us will ever receive, so it’s worth taking plenty of time over the purchase and getting it absolutely right. There are more jewellery shops in Birmingham than anyone could hope to browse through in a day- in fact, visiting every shop in the might take a whole week or more. They have something for everyone, from hugely elaborate masterpieces to the discreet, elegant end of the spectrum, and everything in between.

A gorgeous dress should be next on the bride’s shopping list. Naturally, dressmakers also like to operate from the area so it’s very easy to find a wedding gown here. There’s a great deal of choice when it comes to bridal wear and bridal accessories. Then there are the florists, the photographers, and a whole variety of other traders who can make your wedding day into something truly special.