Questions to ask yourself before you look for a watch

The idea of finding a watch seems, at first, like a fairly straightforward one. You look, you see which ones you like the most and you buy it. But once you get to the shop you will quickly find that watches are like children, they look the same from afar but up close you realise they’re all very different.

Why are you buying a watch?

Seems like a silly question but it’s actually pretty crucial. Are you buying it for yourself or someone else? How much will you wear it? A watch can be a true investment in personal style and if you go for high quality, you could have it for the rest of your life. Watches aren’t usually changed depending on the event like many jewellery items; they become a part of your ensemble and your life.

If you’re looking for a watch that can keep up with an active and sporting lifestyle then you’ll be looking for a different watch than someone who’s looking for pure luxury. Once you work out why you want it then you’ll be in a better position to start looking.

Style over fashion

Chances are, you’ll have this watch for a long time and during the lifetime of the average timepiece fashions will come and go. Choose a watch that has a timeless style about it rather than an obvious and ephemeral fashion. Bright colours may look great at the beach bar, but they’re probably not going to cut it in a business meeting. So go for more muted and stylish shades if you want a watch that will serve you just as well at work.

Functional style

A sport watch can usually be fairly smart and chronograph watches are useful for a myriad of things, so combining functionality and style has never been easier. Generally, find a watch that suits the office and the court but if you’re a real sports junkie then consider a classic, elegant watch for the office and normal wear and a separate sports watch.

Men’s and women’s watches

Men’s watches tend to be larger than women’s, and are usually more muted colours. Women’s watches are frequently available in a larger selection of colours, including different hues of classic metals such as rose gold.

There are a myriad of differences and it’s unusual to find large ranges of unsex watches. Frequently though, if you are looking for watches as a couple, you will be able to see a good range of his and hers watches in the same style but with subtle feminine or masculine flairs.

Delve into the Jewellery Quarter

A watch is something you will cherish and keep for years, potentially decades and so just going into one shop may not be enough. Exploring the famous Birmingham jewellery quarter will allow you to explore a vast range of watches and shop around without having to traipse from one end of the city to the other. With many jewellery shops offering watches and several dedicated watch companies, the jewellery quarter is the best place to get a large choice and expert advice and guidance when browsing.

With complex and intricate designs combined with modern technology, it’s important to understand the capabilities of a watch before you buy it and not to just judge it by its looks. Always ask as many questions as you like and the staff will be more than happy to oblige; they understand that it’s a serious, long term purchase.