New Parking Sensors Piloted in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter

Anyone looking for jewellers in Birmingham inevitably ends up making a beeline for the city’s Jewellery Quarter, home for the last two centuries to some of the most highly skilled and talented jewellers and goldsmiths in the world.

It’s still very much the UK’s industry hub, and these days this part of town also offers some of Birmingham’s top museums, restaurants, bars and art galleries, alongside hundreds of retailers and designers.

Now life for those visiting the area is set to become easier, with the launch this year of the pilot of a street parking scheme to help drivers find somewhere to leave their car locally.

In chosen streets of the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, around 200 sensors have been embedded, designed to identify the presence of a parked vehicle. Data can then be offered via a Smartphone app or website so motorists know where they can find a space.

The scheme is likely to be extended to the streets of the neighbouring Colmore Business District, and the firm organising the pilot is confident both local businesses and visitors will feel the benefit.

A statement from the city council’s highways partner commented: “Everyone has at some point found themselves in an unfamiliar area of town, unsure of where they might find somewhere to park and having to go around in circles until they can find a spot.

“We hope that this trial will give us some indication of how these sensors can successfully be used and the benefits they hold for the city.

“By using the data our sensors gather, motorists can reduce how long they spend hunting for that elusive space, and fuel wasted at the same time, as they will be able to find out where there are pockets of availability.”

The Jewellery Quarter Development Trust agreed: “It can be frustrating to waste time looking for a parking bay, and we think this initiative will help to lessen some of the stress that can come with trying to park in the city centre.”

The Jewellery Quarter is just five minutes’ drive from the city centre, and probably the best way into the district is along the A457 or along Great Hampton Street. (There are also plenty of buses, or you could walk from the centre of town.)

Look online for more information about where to park, and further details of local facilities.

With so much going on in the area, and so many places to eat, drink, relax and be entertained, you really can make a day out of your visit here, even if you aren’t on a particular jewellery buying mission. The Jewellery Quarter, our original website for the area, is packed with info so you can plan your visit.

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