Your Jewellery Choice Can Reflect Your Personality, Read to Know How

Are you simple, self obsessed, svelte or dare devil, know what you, are based on the jewellery you wear. This article will tell you your personality traits based on your jewellery liking.


Did you ever ponder over the fact that your jewellery says a lot about you and your personality? While buying jewellery from any of the Birmingham jewellery shops, you may have focused on what to buy and what not to, but must have definitely given a miss to the fact that jewellery is a reflection of who you are. Yes! Your Jewellery speak volumes about you. How? Well, there are many ways to know this and some of the questions that may have popped up in your mind are answered in detail below, so read ahead and discover yourself in regard to your choice of jewellery.

  • Miss Simple

If you are somebody whose heart beats for simple pendants and earrings then you have quite a confident personality. You may be introvert who’s not too sure of the way you look, but in actual you have great confidence in yourself and love your jewellery.

  • Miss self-obsessed

There are many who visit Birmingham jewellery shops to get a piece of jewellery that is personalised. For example, a pendant with their names or first letter engraved on them. If you are one of them, you fall into this category which means you are self obsessed and somebody who loves herself.

  • Miss Svelte

There are some who have an inclination towards pearls. They choose the most elegant jewellery and carry it with utmost poise. Usually the royals have a taste for such jewellery. Such people are most often characterised as calm and composed.

  • Miss Matching

These people don’t have a taste for any particular kind of jewellery, but they match different kinds of jewellery according to their outfit. They are usually the ones who are well sorted in their lives, are extremely organized and think before every action they take.

  • Miss Vintage

Such people may seem lil’ reserved, but talk to them about different cultures and literature and you’ll notice that they can speak at lengths about such topics. They have a high intellect, interest in reading about history, culture, language, etc. and are open about the way they are. They are not shy rather hate fakeness in others. Their jewellery may be a keepsake from somebody special or may be something that seems historical.

  • Miss out-of-the-box

They are somebody who believe in themselves and don’t value others’ opinion of them. They may prefer tribal jewellery or jewellery which may seem awkward to many, but they have the flare of carrying themselves with pride.

  • Miss Daredevil

These people follow the fashion which many may be termed as eccentric by many. They are adventurous, passionate, tom-boyish, sporty, etc. They are daring and try their hands at risky tasks.The jewellery they wear includes chains, skull shaped pendants, knife or scissor design rings or pendants etc.

So now, that you have read the entire article you can make out which category you belong to and what are your personality traits. And for any kind of jewellery options you can always visit Birmingham jewellery shops. These shops will amaze you with their collection.