Warstone Lane

Warstone Lane

Rich in history and tradition, all visitors to the Jewellery Quarter will no doubt venture along Warstone Lane, one of the main streets of the area. As you'd expect, jewellery shops abound – with many retailers trading from lovely Victorian and Edwardian premises. On the corner of Warstone Lane as it meets Vyse Street and Frederick Street you will see the prominent Jewellery Quarter landmark, the Chamberlain Clock.

A wide range of goods and services is available in and around Warstone Lane, from hairdressing shops to pubs, cafes and restaurants.

No visit to the area is complete without viewing the Warstone Cemetary Lodge, a beautiful listed building which dates back to 1848. And the cemetary itself provides an unusual yet somewhat fitting centrepiece to the area, invoking a feeling of reverence and respect for the history and traditions of the Jewellery Quarter and its inhabitants.

Warstone Cemetary Lodge
Pay and display parking is available all along Warstone Lane, and it is only 2 minutes walk from the main multi-story car park and the rail / tram station. Wandering along Warstone Lane you will find that it branches off in several directions – where you'll find even more shops and places of wonder to discover.

Warstone Lane is a great place to get start when you visit the Jewellery Quarter.