Things To Do In The Jewellery Quarter

Birmingham is a city of deceptive depth and culture with much more to offer than people might first realise. Aside from having a plethora of historic buildings and landmarks, the UK’s second city also has a commitment to the arts and its own specific heritage. This makes the midland’s top city a beacon that attracts people from far and wide. But what is on offer for couples? While Birmingham might not be Paris it does have one ace up its sleeve. The Jewellery Quarter. This area is unlike anywhere else in the rest of the United Kingdom, bringing together heritage, history, landmarks, romance and shopping to provide a unique experience. It is the largest collection of jewellery shops in the country making it the hub of diamonds, gems and precious metals. If you are wanting somewhere to choose a ring to honour and solidify your commitments to your partner, then this could well be the best place to come!

But the Jewellery Quarter Birmingham should be about much more than simply choosing a ring. With all of these diamond shops and the investment that engagement and wedding wings represent, you may want to spend more than one night here. Fortunately, Birmingham has more than enough to keep you entertained, no matter who you are. From the Sea Life Centre to the Science museum you can learn, while there are landmarks such as Stoneleigh Abbey, Coventry Cathedral, a network of operating canals, Winterbourne House and Garden and much more. In the Quarter itself you will find two very important museums – The Museum of the Quarter and the Pen Room. We are also home to quite a few art galleries and sport around 200 listed historic buildings! By coming to our UK jewellers you will access an entire culture of gemological history and tradition.

Places To Stay

Birmingham also has a great range of romantic hotels that will be the perfect complement to your time spent in the Quarter. Deciding on the right ring or piece of jewellery can take time and you will naturally want to weigh up the options, so we have many different types of hotels from luxury options to budget, from serviced apartments to spas.

If luxury is your aim, then the Malmaison Hotel is a great suggestion. It is built inside a converted Royal Mail sorting office and is one of the centres of activity within the city. If you want the best of the best, then this is the place to come, particularly since they offer some of the most opulent luxury executive suites in the country.

For those on a relaxation kick, The Elms Hotel and Spa is just waiting to help you unwind. Set in remarkable grounds the Queen Anne Mansion looks like the set of an expensive period drama with beautiful ivy-covered walls as well as extravagantly decorated rooms. This spa is in the heart of Worcestershire and commands an amazing view over the Teme Valley.