Tanzanite, Zircon and Turquoise – December Birthstones Overview

Did you know before that person born in December is blessed to choose from a selection of three beautiful stones? December is a beautiful month, full of festive occasions, one of the biggest celebrations of the month is Christmas. The numerous Birthstones dedicated to this month are Tanzanite, Zircon and Turquoise all these gemstones share a common hue blue. All of them, have their own history, significance & benefits. Each stone is unique, has different qualities, all are extracted from the crust of the earth.

In this blog, you’ll be introduced to the amazing Birthstones of December, their benefits and the history. Every month has its own Birthstones & benefits for the wearer, coveted gemstones Tanzanite, Zircon and Turquoise are meant to adorn by people born in December.

Whatever your style or budget, one of December’s three Birthstones will match your personality and desires:

Tanzanite:    Tanzanite, a very rare and popular birthstone of December was discovered in Tanzania in the last 1960’s. It can be cut into multiple shapes and sizes; its bright, rich blue colour with undertones of purple makes it the most exclusive and modern choice. Tanzania remains an exclusive place for this stone to be found, it has gained huge popularity due to its price, softness and versatility.

Zircon:   Zircon is the oldest minerals on earth, found in different areas including Thailand, Cambodia, Tanzania, Canada, and the United States. The name zircon comes from the Persian word zargun, meaning “gold-coloured”, available in a range of colours, but its blue colour will always remain highly popular.

Turquoise:  The famous primary colour of December’s Birthstone, “Turquoise” is blue, but it differs in shades and transparency- from translucent to opaque. The name Turquoise dates back to the 13th century & has been admired since ancient times. Its colour ranges from powdery blue to greenish Robin’s egg blue. The Egyptians were the first who recognized and valued the stone, Turquoise promotes mental and spiritual clarity and helps improve trust, kindness and understanding.

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