November Birthstone – Topaz and Citrine

November is the month of celebration, so is it’s Birthstones, Topaz and Citrine. People born in this month are luckier than individuals born in different months as they are blessed with two lucky gemstones. These two Birthstones are famous for bringing clarity, warmth, and fortune, calming anger, balancing energies of the person who wears them. Citrine and Topaz are indistinguishable, most of the times they’ve been mistaken for one another throughout history. It is important to know the difference between the two; this blog clarifies the history and significance of both gemstones.

First, you don’t need to stress about its availability and price because they’re bountiful as well as affordable, even in large sizes. Topaz, generally found in numerous shades, but pure Topaz is white in colour (colourless). From orange to blue, yellow to green, vibrant red to many other colours, you’ll find a broad spectrum of hues. This gemstone is highly popular and demanded all over the world, it has a long history as could imagine. During the Renaissance era, it has been used to break spells and reduce anger.

Another beautiful Birthstone for November month is Citrine, which comes in golden hues. These stones range in colour from transparent to yellow, earthy tone to brown, vivid yellow to reddish orange. It is to be believed that the ancient Romans and Egyptians used the stone in jewellery. Citrine was renowned in early times for its special properties like promoting good health, peace, prosperity and loyalty.