Museum of the Jewellery Quarter

A trip to the Quarter cannot be complete without visiting the famous Jewellery Museum which forms part of the Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery, the largest independent Museum Trusts in the UK.

Enjoy a guided tour around a real jewellery factory little changed since the early part of the last century, including a demonstration of jewellery making techniques at the jeweller’s bench. For more than eighty years Smith and Pepper produced jewellery with little change in the working practices or equipment used within the family-owned business. Even the décor had more in common with early 20th century trends than a thriving business in the early 1980s. Today the factory is a remarkable museum, which tells the story of the Jewellery Quarter and Birmingham’s renowned jewellery and metalworking heritage.

75-80 Vyse Street
Tel: 0121 554 3598

Pen Room Museum

During the 19th Century, 75% of everything written in the world was with a ‘Birmingham’ pen. Birmingham was at the forefront of this trade until it declined in the 1950’s with the invention of the biro and fountain pen.

Unit 3, The Argent Centre
60 Frederick Street
B1 3HS
Tel: 0121 236 9834