Finding special gems in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter

You might have lots of items of jewellery, but when you’re looking for really special gems, it’s worth making a little extra effort. To benefit from a superb selection of products, you can take a trip to the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter.

This area is filled with top-quality jewellery makers and shops and you can peruse them at your leisure. Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring, wedding ring or anything else, this is the go-to destination.

An illustrious past

It’s no wonder this part of Birmingham enjoys a reputation as being a mecca for jewellery lovers. After all, for more than 200 years, it has been home to some of the world’s most highly skilled goldsmiths and jewellery makers.

By 1861, more than 7,000 people were engaged in jewellery making in the area and, traditionally, the tradesmen worked from home or in small workshops. However, this all this changed as shops began to open to the public.

The here and now

Most of the retail outlets have sprung up since the 1970s and there are now lots to choose from. Regardless of the style of product you’re after, you won’t struggle to find it. Now when you arrive in the Jewellery Quarter you’ll benefit from plenty of shopping opportunities. Nowhere else can you find such an abundance of outlets catering to jewellery lovers’ every need.

Meanwhile, as well as taking a peak at the stunning variety of rings, necklaces and other items available, you can absorb the atmosphere of this bustling and vibrant part of Birmingham.

Choosing trinkets in this part of the UK is a real treat in itself and it can be a memorable experience.

Beyond the bling

Of course, the Quarter doesn’t only boast jewellers. Once you’re all shopped out and you fancy doing something else, you can take advantage of some of Birmingham’s best art galleries, museums, restaurants and bars.

Like many visitors, you might opt to make a real trip of it and stay for a weekend. You won’t struggle to find suitable accommodation and then you can really relax after perusing the impressive selection of jewels on offer. The great thing is, located in the heart of the country, Birmingham is easy to get to whether you’re travelling by car or public transport.


You might decide that this part of Birmingham would make a fantastic romantic trip. Imagine the look on your other half’s face if you told her you were treating her to a weekend away and she would be able to select a gorgeous piece of jewellery as the icing on the cake. This is a definite brownie point earner!

After your shopping trip, you could head to a fancy restaurant for a bite to eat and then get a night cap in a plush bar.


Meanwhile, thanks to the abundance of skills available, the Jewellery Quarter is the perfect place to get repairs done. Whether you’re looking to fix a favourite old watch, bracelet or something else, you can visit the best jewellers in the UK for help.