Fashion world goes Diamond Crazy for Queen’s Jubilee

If you have browsed your local high street recently, you may have noticed that corgis, teacups and Union Jacks feature more heavily than usual in the fashion world right now. From Marks and Spencers’ patriotic hosiery to Liberty’s limited edition scarves inspired by the classic ‘First Class’ stamp, the upcoming Queen’s Jubilee has captured the imaginations of some of the world’s top fashion designers. And since this year marks sixty years since the Queen’s coronation, the eyes of shoppers around the country are being dazzled by diamonds.

It is true that diamonds never go out of fashion, but with the jubilee only weeks away, the so-called girl’s best friend is considered even more on-trend than usual. From gem-encrusted Alexander McQueen clutch bags to QVC costume-jewellery replicas of the imperial state crown, diamonds and imitation diamonds seem to be prominent in both the high and low ends of the fashion market.

But for those looking for the genuine article, many jewellers in the UK have been preparing for the event by designing and creating special Diamond Jubilee ranges to celebrate the occasion and the jewellers of the famous Birmingham jewellery quarter have been especially busy. The quarter’s Worcestershire Medal Services (WMS) beat off international competition to win the £7 million contract to produce thousands of commemorative medals to be worn by the armed forces, emergency service workers, prison staff and others to mark the jubilee.

Beyond this wave of fashion, the 2012 jubilee is likely to renew public interest in diamonds and, here at Marlows Certified Diamonds, we can think of no better way to find out more about the gems than to visit to the jewellery quarter. If you are keen to learn more about diamonds and jewellery in general or if you would simply like to mark Her Majesty’s jubilee in a more unusual way before the street parties begin, you might consider a trip to the quarter’s jewellery museum. Originally a jewellery factory, the museum tells the story of the jewellery quarter and the tradition of jewellery-making and metalworking in Birmingham. Many visitors to the quarter find that a guided tour of the museum and witnessing a demonstration of jewellery-making techniques at the jeweller’s bench enhances their understanding of the quarter immensely.

If you decide to visit the quarter in advance of the jubilee, you may be tempted to jump on the diamond bandwagon by investing in a commemorative bracelet or broach. But if you would like to get a truly unique jubilee gift for a friend or relative or if you would like to own a one-of-a-kind memento, you might consider a Marlows Certified Diamonds custom-made ring, necklace, pendant, bracelet or pair of earrings. Having been in operation for over three generations, we are experienced manufacturers of high-class jewellery and would be delighted to tailor a piece of jewellery to your unique specifications to commemorate the jubilee, so that once the bunting has been binned and the Union Jack tea towel has been stained, you will still have your piece of history.