June Month Birthstones

Those born in June don’t have one, but two gemstones as their birthstone. Lucky are those who are born in this month as they have the option of choosing from two stones.


While other stones are found within the Earth, pearls are different, they are created by living creatures, Mollusks inside the shells. Though, pearls are found naturally in mollusks, they are also cultured-raised in oyster farms to fulfil their increasing demands. The pearl that is naturally made is the rarest and the most expensive one. Pearls are soft and can’t resist extreme heat and acidity.

The colour of the pearl varies depending on the type of mollusk producing it but the most common ones are the white or creamy white pearls.


Imperial Russia’s official gemstone, Alexandrite changes its colour from violet to reddish- violet under artificial lighting and so, is said to have chameleon-like quality. Found in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Tanzania, Brazil, Zimbabwe and Madagascar, it is a very rare stone and hence an expensive one too.