Birthstones January Garnet

Garnet is the gemstone for those born in January. It is accepted as the Gemstone for January in the ancient Roman, Italian, polish, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian old Hindu (Ayurvedic) calendars.

Though it is available in a number of colours, the most common of them is a beautiful range of reds which includes rust to deep violet-red, and the most highly prized is the green garnet which is also the rare one.

There are many folklores associated with the garnet, according to one, it brought victory and so the crusaders made use of it to protect themselves of wounds or accidents. It is also believed to propagate peace, happiness, prosperity and good health in your vicinity. They say that after wearing it, if one does good, then will receive more good, but the vice-versa is also true, if one commits bad acts then bad fortune will rule life.

Not only this, but the January stone also symbolizes deep and long lasting friendship owing to which presenting it to someone is considered as a mark of maintaining healthy friendship with them for longest time possible.