August Birthstones

Peridot gemstone, one of the gemstones for the month of August has been in use for many thousands of years now. Categorized for its out-of-the-box lime green glow, this stone was historically called Olivine. The stone can also be found in darker olive green shade including brownish green colour.

The stone got its name ‘Peridot’ from the French word ‘Peritot’ which is said to be derived  from the Arabic word ‘Faridat’, meaning precious stone. Other than this, the stone is also known as the ‘poor mans Emerald’ and ‘Peles Tears’.

The energy of this stone is such that it will help create love, joy, confidence and positivity in your life while enhancing your spiritual side and benefiting your health at the same time.

The healing property of this stone is said to shield you from evil spirits and protect against nightmares.

August borns can benefit the most by wearing natural Peridot stone.


Sardonyx,  a mixture of alternating layers of Onyx and Sard is also called Sardian Onyx. While the colour of Sard varies from yellowish red to reddish brown, Sardonyx, like Onyx, displays multiple layers that are parallel. This stone that has been in use since the ancient times, is said to bring happiness, optimism and confidence with its vibrations. The metaphysical properties of this stone are such that it helps in motivating, bringing in discipline, building willpower and strength of character. Hence, it serves ideal stone for students or those who are in a job as they require a lot of mental strength.

Furthermore, some also believe that keeping Sardonyx  in each corner of the house protects it from negativity and evil.


Owing to its high resemblance with other stones, spinel is usually mistaken to be a ruby or sapphire. But what sets it apart from the other gems is its octahedral  crystal structure and single refraction. Besides this, Mohs hardness of spinel is also lower than that of ruby and sapphire.

This stone can be found in various colours from vivid red, cobalt blue, bright pink, bright orange, lavender, greenish blue, mauve, yellow to violet blue, etc.