April Birthstone Diamond

Birthstone of April, Diamond is believed to make relationships better and increase inner strength. Widely used in jewellery, diamond is said to elevate energy levels when used in combination with stones like amethyst and bring balance and clarity in one’s life. Most popular diamonds are transparent, silver colour, but they are also available in colours like pink,red, brown, black, and yellow. The colour of a diamond is significant of the impurities found in the stone. For example, yellow colour of diamond is due to the presence of nitrogen while blue colour is due to traces of boron.

Talking about the powers of diamonds, back in the middle ages, it was thought to cure diseases associated with the pituitary gland and brain with its healing properties.

Considered to be the ultimate gift for a loved one and symbolic of eternal love, it is the most coveted crystal to date and is also deemed as the “ King of all Birthstones”.