A Very Long Engagement?

It seems that after falling out of favour with Brits, marriage is becoming a more popular step for many couples, and that means a visit to our Birmingham jewellery quarter shop for some glorious diamonds!

But according to a poll by TheWeddingReport.com, couples are actually making it down the aisle faster each year. In the past five years the average length of an engagement has gone from eighteen to fifteen months. We meet lots of lovely prenuptial couples (and a fair few nervous pre-proposing other halves!) visiting our exceptional U.K jewellers in search of engagement rings, so we asked some of them a few questions about when they intended to actually marry.

Most said their idea of the Big White Wedding had fallen by the wayside in favour of smaller, more intimate wedding celebrations, often abroad. But this shift in matrimonial trends isn’t getting marrying couples down; they’re happily planning celebrations around their unique take on what makes a superb day (or a week in the sun!) Marrying abroad or on a smaller scale can be organised far quicker, so couples are making it down the aisle an average of three months earlier!

Jewellers are fantastic places to learn all the latest trends and wedding industry chatter. Our shop is certainly no exception; we believe in a professional, personable approach to helping our clients choose from our nuptial jewellery collection. If that means having a good chatter about wedding plans over a coffee or champagne then so be it!