5 Things to Think About When Choosing Engagement Jewellery

Shopping for engagement jewellery could send you nicely into the 75% of men who buy their prospective brides an engagement ring, typically a diamond. But this is the modern age of civil marriages, beach weddings, second weddings and commitment ceremonies!
Our point being that when it comes to diamonds, here in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter we’ve got plenty of tips for the modern marrying couple, whatever their situation.

1. What kind of jewellery?
There is no longer a hard and fast rule about diamond engagement rings. For reasons of style, lifestyle, practicality and cost, there’s no need to feel limited by the traditional choice of a diamond engagement ring.
Most jewellery shops like our jewellers in Birmingham are accustomed to buyers looking for something a little different when it comes to engagement jewellery. A diamond pendent, a tennis bracelet, cocktail ring, stud earrings – there’s plenty of choice and nothing that says you shouldn’t go with whatever suits your intended best.
2. Does it need to be more practical or just decorative?
The idea of most engagement jewellery is that it be worn most of the time, not just dug out for special occasions. And that means thinking, to a degree, practically. Does the wearer have a job that makes finger jewellery highly impractical? Or quite the opposite – is their lifestyle perfectly suited to a great big exquisite diamond ring?
3. What kind of style statement should the piece make?
For many, women especially, the style of their engagement jewellery probably needs to be quite dexterous. For example, as appropriate in the workplace as on the beach. But the key is to make sure the right statement is made, e.g. is it all about a single, simple diamond to be worn with lots of other gems and jewellery pieces, or would they prefer a magnificent, eye-catching piece of engagement jewellery to be worn as a bold statement piece all its own?
4. Does it need to match other gems and precious metals?
We can change settings and alter jewellery to make it fit in with your intended’s existing jewellery collection if needs be. For example, having an engagement ring set on rose gold when all other pieces of jewellery are white gold can be frustrating for the wearer.
Choosing the right precious metal, in particular, can be difficult for a jewellery novice, so a little digging through existing pieces can be helpful. And don’t worry, our experts are quite adept at translating comments like “I think most of her rings are a proper gold-y gold. You know, the yellow one.”
5. Can you answer any of the questions above?
It not, it’s probably time to call in a little help! There’s nothing wrong with calling in reinforcements for a day out at the Jewellery Quarter with our experts.
Asking friends or family to lend a helping hand could help avoid making the wrong choice. But even wrong choices can be rectified with another trip to see us!